"The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 A Crooked Mile" Review


Now in case you been living under a rock, Telltale games who developed the now classic Walking Dead season one and now season two games are now working their magic on the underrated often overlooked Fables series coming out of Vertigo imprint from DC Comics. Like Walking Dead this is another point and click adventure in which players control the main protagonist Sheriff Bigby Wolf also known in the world of Fabletown as the reformed Big Bad Wolf. So far the plot is a pretty straight forward whodunit tale. Fairy tale creatures are dying and it’s up to Bigby’s and his supporting cast such as Snow White, Magic Mirror, & Bulfkin the winged monkey from the Wizard of Oz lore to crack the case. Without spoiling much this episode picks up after the revelations revealed in episode 2, as you find Bigby and Snow tracking down a potential suspect for the murders and end up revealing a much deeper story as new plot threads are revealed. The game lets you choose how you want to play and each decision ultimately determines long term consequences that can either help you or hinder you. The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 is a smart, brutal and emotional episode that pushes the story forward and fleshes out character development for nearly ever character introduced thus far. I for once can not wait until Episode 4.

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 “A” Recap

Spoilers but real n’s don’t give a fuck about that. 

Ayo what up it’s your boy Taj back up in this thing to recap the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Many of you have asked why I aint bless yall with the recap for the penulative episode last week n shit & been asking why I dont love yall. Now unlike Robert Kirkman I love everyone who is a fan of these weekly recaps, but I decided to use the same non-existal effort into my review as AMC used when they made that episode. To sum up last week episode in 10 words some dude got stomped out & some survivors reached Terminus. Now at this point Terminus is still a shadow wrapped up in a mystery wrapped up in an enigma but I really dont give a shit because i’m just so fed up by these last two seasons that I can already assume that Terminus is generally going to be a giant let down. Anyway this episode brings us back to the group we cared about the most Rick, Carl, & Michonne as they travel their way to Terminus. On their way they stop and make camp and hear a noise *drops 50, 000 pots and pants from the Sears Tower* which the group decides to ignore which turns around to bite them in the ass two seconds later by Darryl’s new group of badasses. “Holy crap, we’ve been snuck up on. I don’t know how this happened, it’s not like they made any loud noises that would’ve gave away their position..oh wait?”-Rick Grimes, direct quote. Gun to Rick’s head, gun to Michonne’s hand, knife to Carl’s belly when from the heavens above like the angel that AMC makes him out to be comes Darryl Dixon to save his friends. As Darryl makes his plea to spare his friends it’s revealed that in that “Let’s take a full hour to watch Rick escape from a house of crazies” episode of TWD from earlier in the year it was their crew who ramsacked that house and ultimately now they want revenge for their fallen comrade who Rick left slumped out in the bathroom. (Now this next scene I recommend you watch while listening to Schoolboy Q’s verse from the “Work Remix” 10 out of 10 highly recommend.) Rick fucking snaps like we never seen yo. He headbutts the leader, he kills Michonne’s captive, Darryl (who hilariously is getting stomped out) uses one of his 9 lives to get up & take em both out Van Dam style. Lastly Rick goes to the leader & takes a fat ass chomp out of cuz’s neck. I’m in awe right now, im running laps around the crib, im so hype right now. Rick got vocal cords hanging from his lips but nah yo he got one more goon left to kill & off Carl’s captor. Carl’s looking at his pops like he’s a monster. Yo real talk if my pops bit a dude’s face off right front of me like Rick did then I gotta forgive him for walking out on us straight up! Carl gotta grow up & pay homage to his pops for channeling his inner Shane Da Gawd. After that pleasantness/unpleasantness Rick, Michonne, Darryl, & Carl who im dubbin the new Elite Four finds Terminus & just stroles through the back entry. Now we get our best looks at these guys so far & I gotta say they all look extremely duffable. The most duffable in fact is their leader Garth who Beth could probably take straight up if we actually cared to know where Beth’s been carried off too. After an awkward stand off shot’s have been fired & let me say these Terminus dudes join the ranks of the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, the dudes that tried to kill 50, and Peyton in the Super Bowl as the worst connections of all time. How do several of you miss with machine guns fam answer me that. AMC aint even trying to be believable no more. Finally the Elite Four has been cornered but yo..if it was me I would’ve still been feeling froggy seeing how these dudes couldn’t catch a cold nevertheless a body but that’s me. So Garth instructs the four to drop their weapons and head into this storage container where who do they meet up with inside, Maggie, Glenn, D’Angelo Barksdale, Sasha Fierce Da Bae, Abraham, Rosalita, Cuz who thinks he’s gonna save the world, & the lesbian chica who ran from the fight. So the question now is how will they escape & who exactly are these Terminus clowns? *fingers crossed for cannibal cult freaks* tune in next season to find out :)
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